ULearn Minimum Requirements:

•     Internet Explorer
•     The latest version of Flash
•     The latest version of Java



•     Browser pop-up blockers: add an exception for http://ulearn.miami.edu.
•     Toolbar pop-up blockers: add an exception for http://ulearn.miami.edu
•     If your home PC has Internet latency problems using ULearn, try accessing the online courses from a Medical campus PC.

For information on how to perform these tasks go to http://pdto.miami.edu/ULEARN/Admindemos/PopUp.htm


MAC users: If you are a Medical Campus Employee and don’t have a virtual emulator installed in your Mac and do not want to get one. You can access ULearn by using an Internet Explorer link in Citrix. Medical IT can get you and your staff setup in Citrix if you are not already. http://citrix.med.miami.edu

For help, contact Medical IT at: 305-243-5999, option 1 for Medical campus end-users.



The demonstration are listed by subject headings. Please click on the link to open them. If you are unable to view them, email the ULearn help desk.

If you need assistance with removing pop-up blockers from your computer please contact:

Gables IT


Medical IT